Bus Sales – Mercedes-Benz

ux & ui

Bus Sales – Mercedes-Benz

“Bus Sales” is a new app designed to make the selling of Mercedes buses easier and more efficient for the client and Mercedes.



Mercedes-Benz needed to improve the process of selling the buses in large amount. They asked us to create an app with interactions and information for making the process easier and visual.

The process

First, we started in understand the main goal and the users. It’s a B to B to C business and our mission was creating an easy app for the salesmen and a visual and attractive app for the final clients. My role in this project was to create the architecture map, wireframes, interface for mobile and tablet, interactions and guide all the development.


Design & Interactions

In the creative process, I have used the colors of the brand: black, gray, blue and white to create an elegant visual. The app should be in mobile and tablet versions. The program I’ve used was Sketch app for design, Principle for animations and Invision for prototyping.